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Family Jewellery

Why does it take so long to get the ring delivered?

Each ring is made, cast specially to order and that jewelry process takes about 2 weeks.  We do not assemble them out of flimsy parts like others do.
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What finger do you wear a Mother's Ring on?
That's a matter of personal preference.  Some wear it with a wedding band and engagement ring, some wear it on a different finger or hand.  Totally up to the recipient.

Can I have a word engraved on the ring rather than a name?  Do you censor anything?
Yes whatever word you wish and we do not censor or have any words that aren't allowed.

I do not know the ring size and want it as a surprise?
No worries the rings are thick and solid and can easily be sized by any jeweler.  I'd suggest going for a size 7 as its a bit larger than standard  6 - more options on which finger to wear it on and rings are always less expensive to size smaller than larger.
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I live in BC can I come and pick it up?
No sorry our security and insurance do allow us to have visitors come to our offices (damn awful for our social lives). However we can have it for pick-up at our Westbank BC parent retail store.

I live in the USA what customs or additional charges are there?
Over half of our customers are in the USA.  You pay zero extra charges or state taxes.
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What layout of birthstones to you recommend?
Again its personal preference.  I'd recommend separating the same colors if possible as it would be visually more appealing.

I can't afford the real diamond upgrade and am worried how White Zircon will look?
Natural White Zircon (not to be confused with Cubic Zirconia - CZ)  looks super and is a real natural gem.
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I want to get a ring for my daughter but she lives in Arizona could you ship it directly to her?
For sure and if you wish we will even include a gift card with your message and gift wrap it.

I don't know whether to get it in yellow or white gold what do you recommend?
We sell about 60% in white gold.  White gold seems more popular with younger women.  See what color of gold the recipient wears now in their rings and match it to that.

Is 14Kt or 18Kt better is it worth the extra price?
The higher the karat the more gold in the mix.  Makes it more valuable not necessarily better.  Family jewelry is for a life time so if you can afford it go for higher karat - makes it more special.  However regardless of gold karat the jewelry will look the same and there is no difference on the durability or wear

I am a single parent and want a ring for my daughter.  I do not want her deadbeat father on the ring what do I do?
We understand.  We have models that accommodate 2 gemstones and we do a lovely "duo ring".  Maybe place your own birthstone on both sides of your daughter's (yours-daughters-yours) as you fill both roles so that may be appropriate.  Many use diamond or white zircon to fill a space... some use (daughter - parent - daughter)

Do people put the family pet on a mother's ring or is that silly?
There are no rules - you do what you want.  Yes many add family pets or non-family people, that are special in their lives.  Family has a very broad definition and its yours to define.

I want a different gem for June is that possible?
For sure.  Pearl and Alexandrite are the traditional June birthstones.  Pearl is too fragile for a family ring and genuine Alexandrite costs more than a diamond.  If you would prefer a man-made synthetic Alexandrite let us know.  No price difference.  Although very rare and pricy natural alexandrite is available ask us for a quote if you are interested in that.
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What if I don't like it?
You will like it - if you don't - send it back for a refund.  No one else on the planet gives you that warranty for custom made jewelry!
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My wife gets a rash when she wears gold rings, any suggestions?
More than likely that she has a nickel allergy.  Stay away from white gold (has nickel in the alloy) and go for 18Kt yellow gold jewelry. 
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Robin I read your comment about nickel allergy, my wife wears hypoallergenic earrings and still gets a reaction?
Stainless steel which is all hypoallergenic is, contains 8% nickel.  Please read the link - its an excellent discussion of the problem on our parent company's web site.
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Is the parcel insured or is that extra?  What if it doesn't get here?
Yes our parcels are insured and that cost is included in the shipping charge.  We guarantee it gets delivered to your address.  There is absolutely no risk to you.

When ordering name jewelry what symbols or characters are available?
No - sorry only letters are available and the font can not be changed.  Each style has a limit on the number of letters which can be used.

Can I get a family ring in sterling silver?
No - sorry we only do high quality jewelry in karat gold.
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Delivery Time

patience it takes 14-20 working days to make custom family

we ship within Canada by Canada Post Priority Courier or XpressPost

2-3 days delivery time to most urban centers

Delivery Time

patience it takes 14-20 working days to make custom family jewelry

we ship to the USA by Canada Post XpressPost USA

4-6 days delivery time to most urban centers


Delivery Time

patience it takes 14-20 working days to make custom family jewelry

we ship Worldwide by Canada Post XpressPost International

7-10 days delivery time to most urban centers

Questions & Advice

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shop with Confidence and Risk Free 

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed or your money is refunded

Inspect and examine your purchase for 15 days - if not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund for any reason

refer to the warranty or returns pages for specific information & procedures


We ship worldwide by Canada Post traceable and insured.  Shipping to PO Boxes is okay.

CanadaPost will email you with a tracking number when we ship 
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For your parcel tracking number or shipping questions and information please contact Karen

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Canadian Customers

Your orders are shipped from within Canada and you're required to pay 7% GST (Good & Services Tax)

If you have bought online you know that international purchases involve brokerage fees, currency exchange, duties, taxes, and excise fees.  Often all these along with insurance and shipping can total well over 30-40% on top of what you expected to pay. 

By purchasing in Canada, you can save a considerable amount of money and hassle versus importing goods from abroad on your own.

American Customers

Canada and the United States have a free trade agreement.  Regardless of which State you are in, you pay no State taxes, import duties, brokerage fees, or any other additional charges.

By purchasing Canadian made jewelry, you receive the benefit of our low Canadian dollar and your purchase is free of import fees.  You also benefit from the large Canadian diamond market. 

US competitors must pay heavy excise taxes to import diamonds internationally.  For these reasons we can offer fantastic prices to our US customers - Shop and Compare!

International Customers

Canada has free trade or special trade agreements with Commonwealth and many European countries, so duties and customs charges to those countries are either none or minimal.

However customs policies vary widely from country to country.  We urge our international clients to contact their local customs office for specific information. 

You the client are responsible for any and all applicable local customs import duties and taxes.

Sizing, Appraisals, Alterations, Engraving

We have on staff a certified gemologist, master goldsmiths, diamond setters, pearl stringers, designers, master watchmakers and engravers.

Should you require ring sizing, engraving, insurance appraisal or alterations we would be happy to do this for you at a minimal charge.  Please contact Audrey for an estimate.



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